Talent Manager

Designed from the ground up by End Users.”

Complete Suite of Human Resource Modules:

Due for general release in Q1 2016, Talent Manager promises to be an industry leading HR/Payroll system.

In designing the system, we took full advantage of more than 25 years’ experience implementing HR, Payroll, and Time and Attendance system.

Key features of the system include:

1. Merit Administration: Gives you the ability to plan, budget, and execute annual merit increases. Supervisors can manage their own budgets, rank employees, and assign pay increases according. Talent manager audits each pay increase against company and department guidelines, budget goals, and performance rating. It provides the ability to roll up to different levels and allows for workflow requiring single or multiple approvals.

2. Performance Manager: Provides the ability to establish goals at the individual or various levels. Goals can be budgetary or other quantifiable measures. Employees and managers are evaluated, and Talent Manager can send alerts and reminders when goals are not being met, when re-evaluation may be necessary or when measurement date is approaching.

3. Success Planning provides extensive means of setting goals for employees who need to be groomed for specific positions in the organization. Developmental goals are tracked and measured against requirements for the projected job. Appropriated departments are provided with tools such as reports and alerts to track performance and progress towards established objectives

4. The Payroll Module is comprehensive. While the payroll system can run independently and accept pay files from other system. Our system is seamlessly integrated the 3 time and attendance systems we support

[UPDATE] In November 2016, Talent Manager was implemented in Abia State Nigeria, to help the Local government administrators (LGA’s) with efficiency and controlling their payroll, reducing costs, and computerizing all local government employee’s.